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DNS Accounting

Corporate Accounting

In Corporate Accounting, DNS has implemented conducts of the action, guided by rigor and speed in the adaptation to the different needs.

Our areas of expertise are:

In developing their work, teams seek to make all information generated, in addition to legal obligations, useful for clients/managers.

Individual Daily Management

The Daily Management is an effective and personalized solution that allows people to be freed from the other bureaucratic tasks inherent to daily life, both financial and fiscal, and possibly the tasks related to all the work inherent to the management of the real estate property owner.

Our areas of activity are managed by timely delivery of all financial, tax and accounting documentation, advice on advantageous tax solutions, as well as, in the case of the existence of real estate, in the provision of a “turnkey service“, freeing homeowners from all maintenance-related tasks and charges associated with real estate.

Bank reconciliation

It is an accurate check. It provides information for other reports and consolidates the information that allows detecting errors, is a cash management tool and prevents theft.

Trial balance

Allows you to quickly analyze a particular expense.

Operational Report

It is a very useful management tool used for monthly tax planning; Profitability analysis; Determine operational cost issues and margin analysis.

Registration checks

Accurate information that allows you to detect outstanding checks.

Balance sheet

It is accurate, flexible and can be categorized. Is a monthly summary that improves decision making. Is easily understood by banks and investors and determines the health of the company.

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